Personal Project


Filmed while on discovery for a project about street children in Ethiopia / Addis Ababa, the overwhelming majority of these children have been orphaned by Aids.

Seoul korea

30 Seconds in Tahrir

30 seconds of Tahrir around the Anniversary of the Tahrir Square Uprising.
I was in Cairo filming for EFE a USA based NGO.

I could not help but to go out to Tahrir Square and film, it was a great experience to be there with all the people that I hold so much respect for .

 Ibni Teaser

Recent advocacy has brought Autism into the public eye. As the Arab world meets the increasing demand for children’s services, an untold story of the past threatens to overshadow even the brightest future.
Ibni reveals that the incidence of Autism worldwide had been increasing at an alarming rate many years before social changes began to compensate for strained resources. Undiagnosed and untreated, a generation of children with Autism has reached adulthood in dire need of care. Ibni follows five mothers as they face the limitations of becoming older and struggle to secure the increased support their sons will need.

Hummus Promo

Hummus is work in progress highlighting the palestinian suffering mainly in Jerusalem, and the Israeli occupations endless effort to strip palestinians from their identity and culture in jerusalem in particular and all of Palestine in general .

Saint Catherine

Filmed while on a discovery for a possible work shop with

Its just empty …

An experimental piece

Sana’a Yemen

A quick look at Sanaa while on assignment for promoting the work of