Filmed over 5 days in Nepal . It was great pleasure to work on this Project and meeting all the chance 4 change people that made it possible



Bajau Laut Malaysia


School for special need kids Dubai 
In Collaboration with HandheldStories

Syrian refugee camp

Pine Ridge Indian reservation


South Lebanon

Syrian Refugee Camp

Childhood is Precious

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

A Film about Child Neglect

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Social Experiment

Goodwill Journey from UAE to China

raising awareness of the Humanitarian work of the Palestine Child Relief Fund (PCRF)

Special Needs / Doha

Orange Campaign 2016

Women in our lives 

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

Be the Change

Entrepreneur for Development Nepal

#MakeItStop Physical Abuse

The phsyicological and health effects of physical abuse against children can last for years and it’s a crime by the UAE’s Law #MakeItStop