About me

“With a keen awareness and reverence for human dignity, Lafi creates images that not only educate but also stir a viewer’s deep sentiment. During his career, spanning close to 20 years, Lafi’s assignments have taken him around the world from remote areas such as Antarctica, the plains of the Arabian Desert and International metropolitan cities. His passion for film and photography is evident and recognizable to those familiar with his work. As a filmmaker, photographer, and a humanitarian, Lafi has tackled sensitive issues including the impact of cultural behavior on the mentally ill, and the misguided stigmatic attitude towards the disabled in the Middle East and its neighboring countries. He has brought awareness towards the plight of Palestinian and Syrian refugees and the impact of the war on children.

His incessant contribution to social issues has also seen him explore the bleak realities of human trafficking in Nepal, the daily struggles of abandoned children living on the streets of Ethiopia and the suffering of the Bajau Laut of Malaysia and Borneo. A director at Hand Held stories and the founder of Reel Help,Lafi is in constant pursuit of social justice for an unrepresented global population.”